Welcome to Hanamikoji

In Hanamikoji, two players compete to earn the favor of seven Geisha by collecting the performance items the Geisha desire.

How to Play


The object of the game is to win the favor of 4 Geisha or to have 11 Charm Points. (There is a maximum of 7 Geisha and 21 Charm Points.)

You and your opponent take turns performing actions in order to play Item Cards.

At the end of a round, for each Geisha, if you have more Item Cards of the corresponding type than your opponent, you win the Geisha's favor and gain Charm Points equal to the number on the Geisha Card.

The game continues until one player achieves a winning score at the end of a round.

Card Details:

Geisha Card

blue geisha card - 3 points victory marker

The number on the Geisha Card represents how many Charm Points it's worth.

The circular token in the center of the Geisha Card is a Victory Marker.

The Victory Marker begins in the neutral center position and represents which way the Geisha's favor leans.

In the scoring phase, the Victory Marker can move either to the top or to the bottom of the card representing that either your opponent or you have won the Geisha's favor.

Item Card

blue item card - 3 points

The number on the Item Card represents how many of that card are in the game.

Each Geisha's corresponding Item Cards share the Geisha's number and color. The item depicted in the card arts also match.

Game Setup:

7 Geisha Cards in the center of the board

1 Victory Marker on the center of each Geisha Card

A deck of 20 Item Cards (There are 21 Item Cards in total, but one Item Card is removed from the deck at random at the beginning of each round.)

A hand of 6 Item Cards for each player dealt from the deck

4 Action Markers for each player

Player Turns:

Players alternate taking turns.

On a player's turn they must draw a card from the deck of Item Cards and then perform one action.

There are 4 different actions.

Each player will have 4 turns and must perform each action once.

Actions can be performed in any order.


Action 1

action 1 marker
  • Choose 1 card from your hand to hide.
  • At the end of the round you will reveal and play this card.

Action 2

action 2 marker
  • Choose 2 cards from your hand to discard.
  • These cards will be hidden from your opponent and won't be played this round.

Action 3

action 3 marker
  • Choose 3 cards from your hand to reveal to your opponent.
  • They will choose one of the cards to play.
  • You will play the remaining two cards.

Action 4

action 4 marker
  • Choose 4 cards from your hand separated into two sets to reveal to your opponent.
  • They will choose one set to play.
  • You will play the remaining set.


After both players have performed 4 actions, each player reveals and plays their hidden card from Action 1.

Then for each Geisha, compare the number of Item Cards each player has played on their side of the board. If one player has more Item Cards, move the Victory Marker for that Geisha to that player's side.

A Victory Marker on a player's side means that that player wins the Geisha and gains Charm Points equal to the number on the Geisha Card.

After determining the position of each Victory Marker, calculate the number of Geisha and Charm Points each player has.

If no player has won, reset the deck and start another round.

Keep in mind that Victory Markers remain in place, so during the next round's scoring phase, a player will win a Geisha if the Victory Marker is already on that player's side and the number of Item Cards is tied.

Winning the Game:

If any player wins 4 Geisha or has 11 or more Charm Points, that player wins the game.

If one player wins 4 Geisha and the other has 11 or more Charm Points, the player with 11 or more Charm Points wins the game.